In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Care Quality Commission (‘CQC’) have made changes to the way they respond to complaints about the Mental Health Act.

In addition to the regular inspections, the CQC take individual complaints for people that are or have been detained under the Mental Health Act. This is done to ensure that their monitoring work is focused on protecting the human rights of the most vulnerable people.

In light of the current pandemic, CQC are now prioritising contact received from people who are currently detained on an inpatient ward in hospital. Their aim is to identify ways to help support people through their Mental Health Act monitoring, resulting in a quicker resolution to their complaint or concern.

All other Mental Health Act complaints will be reviewed but may be paused during the pandemic.

Complaints relating to the Mental Health Act can be made by anyone – patients, family and carers, staff or any member of the public. As their offices are currently closed, anyone wanting to make a complaint should do so by calling them on 03000 616161 - press ‘1’ to speak to the mental health team or by emailing

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