One of the most common enquiries that we are unable to help with is assistance with housing matters. In complex, often drawn out, situations, people with very little means struggle to get the advice they need to navigate the system and see justice done. Law firms accepting Legal Aid have to have contracts in the specific area of law that they work in. Conroys Solicitors LLP has contracts in Mental Health and Community Care; but, so often, these issues are linked to housing issues.

The closure of Shelter’s Truro office at the end of August left Cornwall without a legal aid solicitor working in housing. It has been noted that claims have been made that there will be a new legal aid provider for housing in Cornwall…but they have yet to be identified.

As those who are most vulnerable face dealing with an intimidating system with little help, it is hard to see how the current levels of legal aid can be considered to create justice in these areas. Those dealing with housing issues may still be able to find the practical help that they need in other organisations, but we will have to see what turns up for those needing legal assistance.

We will do our best for our clients with accommodation issues linked to Mental Health and Community Care. If you have a legal issue and you’re not sure whether we can help, please ring our office on 01872 272 457 – if we can’t help you, we’ll do our best to point you in the direction of those who can.