On 1 December 2017, the new Court of Protection Rules 2017 will be approved by Parliament and will come into force.

Amongst other things, these will implement rules that have been developed through the Case Management Pilot which ended this year.

New Practice Directions to come into force with the new rules have now been published. The COP Handbook has highlighted the following changes:

Practice Direction 3B, consolidates into the practice of the Court the case management pilot approach to case pathways;

Practice Direction 4C, consolidates the transparency pilot into the practice of the Court;

Practice Direction 17C, consolidates the s.17 pilot approach;

  • Practice Direction 24C provides for transition arrangements from the previous Practice Directions; and
  • The old Practice Direction 9E, concerning serious medical treatment is not carried over; as of 7 November 2017, no replacement has been proposed.