The Prime Minister has stated that the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA) will be revoked if she is re-elected in the June 2017 general election.

Theresa May will pledge to scrap the MHA after concluding that it is 'unfit for purpose'. These changes come after warning that it has allowed the unnecessary detention and discrimination of thousands of people.

In an attempt to meet her pledge to prioritise mental illness during her premiership, she will commit to revoking the 30-year-old legislation and replace it with new laws. These laws will be designed to stop the steep raise in the number of people being detained. Increased thresholds for detention will be drawn up in the new Mental Health Treatment Bill soon after the Conservative victory. Mental health charities, clinicians, and patients would all be consulted on the new legislation.

While this announcement may be welcomed by many, there will be warnings that the lack of resources, rather than badly drafted laws, has been the reason for the increase in detention.

This is being described, by the Conservatives, as the biggest change to mental health law in more than three decades.

As the MHA continues to be in force, Conroys Solicitors LLP can provide advice about issues relating to mental health. If you would like to speak to a member of our Mental Health Team, please contact us on 01872 272 457.